4th of July Continued

5 Jul

We had a great day today and are totally exhausted tonight!  First, this morning we went to the gym for a jam-packed session of Body Combat.  The room was so crowded and hot that I had to leave before we got to abs.  Then we ran by the grocery store to pick up a few things we forgot yesterday and came home to eat a quick lunch.  I made myself a big salad and took a peach Chobani on the road with us to DC.

Our plan was to ride the Metro down to the National Archives where we would check out the Declaration of Independence, Constitution, and Bill of Rights.  Great plan Margaret and Karl!  That was the same plan that about a million other people had!  We walked around to the entrance where we found a sign that said “Wait from this point is approximately 45 minutes.”  The line that we found was probably 3 times that long.  We decided it was not worth our time to wait today.  We figure we will try and make an appointment sometime in the future because when you do that you get to go in a special door (that has no line)!

So we set off to find something else to do and stumbled upon the Navy Memorial.  Karl’s dad was in the Navy so we decided to check that out instead.  Its a pretty small place but there is lots to learn.

Masts outside of the Metro stop for the Navy Memorial

By the time we were finished there we were starting to get hungry.  We just happened to walk up a street and the first place we came to was a BBQ place called Hill Country.  We were so excited to find a BBQ place!  We are completely BBQ deprived.  We live in a second floor apartment so we have no place for a grill.  And most the BBQ places we have tried around here just are not the same as the kind we are used to at home!  The concept at this place was interesting.  You get a “meal ticket” that has their entire menu on it.  You go to the back where they first have a meat counter and you can order your meat – brisket, chicken, ribs, etc. – by the pound.  Then you move to the sides line where you can get the usual BBQ sides – potato salad, baked beans, mac and cheese, cornbread, etc.  As you move through the line they fill out your “meal ticket” so they know how to charge you as you leave.  We opted for some pork spare ribs, a slice of brisket, a pulled beef sandwich for Karl, and sides of beans, mac and cheese, potato salad, and corn bread.  It ended up being A LOT of food, but we wanted to try a little bit of everything.  I would recommend the pork spare ribs, the baked beans and the cornbread.  I would also recommend bringing your own sauce because theirs a little too sweet.  We could not finish everything, but the leftovers made a great midnight snack when we got back tonight!  Overall I would give this place a B or C.  It was decent, but I don’t think I would go back.  According to Urban Spoon, only 69% of people liked it.

After our lunch/dinner we were hungry for dessert.  I knew that a Sprinkles Cupcakes store had opened in Georgetown, and I was eager to compare their cupcakes to Georgetown Cupcakes’.  So we hopped on the Metro and then walked about a mile down to Sprinkles.  I was amazed that we were able to walk right in and order!  When we have gone to Georgetown Cupcakes in the past we have waited 15-20 minutes in line so this automatically made Sprinkles better!  We got 4 cupcakes (clockwise: lemon blueberry, vanilla, mocha, and banana chocolate).  Conclusion?  Sprinkles Cupcakes are definitely better than Georgetown Cupcakes!!  The cake is much more moist and the icing is better.  I have liked GC’s lemon cupcake in the past, but their cream cheese icing has such a strong bite!  The Sprinkles icing was much more mild and more up my alley.  Also, I thought Karl was crazy when he ordered a chocolate banana cupcake, but I was lucky that he let me have one bite.  Delicious!  Imagine the moistest banana bread you’ve ever eaten then add a rich chocolate frosting to it.  If you are in the Georgetown area and a sweet craving hits you I would definitely head to Sprinkles.  Another plus?  It is about a half mile closer to the Metro stop at GWU.

It was super hot and humid outside, and it was hot inside of Sprinkles too so we walked across the street to Barnes and Noble to sit down with a drink and cool off.  The rest was definitely necessary.  We debated on whether we should stick around for the fireworks since they were still a couple hours away and it looked a little rainy.  Then we reminded ourselves that we were already there so what fun would it be to skip out on the highlight of the holiday?  So we walked the mile back to the metro and rode back down towards the National Mall.  We walked along the National Mall for a long time and finally decided to go into the concert on the steps of the Capitol Building.

view of the Capitol Building from the middle of the National Mall

By the time we got there it was after 8pm and it was completely packed.  We sat and listened for a little while then decided we wanted to be closer to the Washington Monument.

We started heading towards the Monument, and as we walked we got thirstier and thirstier.  At this point it was 9pm and most of the vendors were closed so there was no place to buy a bottle of water nor was there a place to fill up my Camelback bottle I’d been carrying all day.  LUCKILY, we found the last vendor that was open who happened to be selling fresh fruit, including watermelon.  If you can’t find water, watermelon is your next best option for hydrating, right?  Since we were so thirsty it was the best watermelon we ever ate.  The fireworks started earlier than we anticipated – actually while we were buying our watermelon.  So we just stood there in the walkway along the National Mall, halfway between the Capitol and the Washington Monument, eating our watermelon and watching the fireworks.  Doesn’t get more American Summer than that, does it?  And, by the way, DC has a really great fireworks display.  I would definitely recommend checking it out if you ever get the opportunity!

Afterwards we walked/ran (more like ran for me since my husband is 6′-6″ and can take one step for every 3 of mine!) back to our metro stop and squished ourselves like sardines into the train.  We just got back home and had a late night snack of the leftover BBQ and cupcakes.  Not exactly the healthiest thing to eat this late at night, but it was a perfect treat to end our 4th.  Now its off to bed… Can’t believe that we have to go to work tomorrow! 😦

Have a great week everyone!  Oh, and the blueberry banana bread definitely didn’t happen today.  Look for that later this week!


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